Timing Is Everything -- Want to eliminate a ton of stress and have better wedding photos? Read on!

A Bride’s Perspective 

     Before my first meeting with Wayne, I had been “warned” by a fellow bride that  “he will try to talk you into taking ALL the pictures before the wedding.”  I was prepared to stand my ground and refuse Wayne’s suggestion. Thankfully, Wayne did a wonderful job of pointing out all the practical reasons we should take the pictures before the wedding.

   The more he talked to my fiance and me, the more I came to believe that his way makes the most sense – and that is what we did.

   We could not have been happier with the results. Our wedding was perfect. We believe taking the pictures several hours before the wedding contributed  much to our day. It provided the time for the two of us to be together before the wedding and share many special memories.

   Our wedding party could relax and enjoy the day more without worrying about looking good for pictures. During the ceremony, we were more relaxed and able to enjoy each other, and not have to face any pre-wedding jitters. After the wedding, we had 15 minutes worth of pictures (larger family group shots), and then we could go to our reception.

  It was wonderful! We had more time to spend with our friends and family after the big event. We  both highly recommend taking all the pictures before the wedding. I tell every bride I  know that  is the only way to do it. Our album could  not have turned out any better. I am so thankful that Wayne “changed our minds.”



      A  Groom’s Perspective

    The phrase “live and die by the minute” plays a very important rule in my life.  I’m an   accountant. And in this profession, a minute can be the difference between success and failure. I’m always used to thinking that every minute has to count.

   As a recent groom, I had the chance to “live and marry by the minute.”  Time is incredibly important on any day – but especially your wedding day.  For this reason, I would highly recommend to any groom to allow the photographer to discuss the significant advantages of taking all wedding pictures prior to the wedding ceremony.

   As you will see on your wedding day, every minute you have, no matter how it is used, is very important. The primary advantages of taking all the photographs before the wedding are simple.

(1)   It allows the bride and groom time to be by themselves before the wedding. This really eases the tension and nervousness. On my wedding day, we had it arranged so that my bride and I had about ten minutes to ourselves. This allows the excitement of the very first time you see your  bride to be your moment, without the hundreds of people sharing that with you. It is truly a great moment, and believe me, when she actually comes down the aisle during the ceremony, you will be grateful that some of the tension is relieved.

(2)    It allows for a constant flow of motion and a more efficient use of everyone’s time. By having all photos taken prior, once the ceremony is over, everyone can proceed to the reception and celebrate together without the long time of waiting and waiting  for the wedding party. I look at it this way. If your guests are going to give up a day or a part of a day for you, at least you can provide them with the most enjoyable experience. Even my boss commented on the way that the day flowed from one part of the wedding to the next. 

(3)   It allows for a schedule to be developed of the day’s events, and with planning and  proper execution, it will work. We designated time slots prior to the wedding to have the different wedding party groups to be photographed, and we stuck to it. Prior to the wedding, we made a “playbook”  of all the different picture combinations we wanted, and this allowed Wayne to do his best work, because he was not under  a strenuous time constraint, and he knew what we wanted to have done.

 As you will see, every minute counts, and the wedding album will really be the only thing you will have to look back on in  40 years that is not obsolete. Remember, a constant flow of motion from the start to finish, efficient use of everyone’s time, and planning will really make the difference in the end.

As soon as their wedding had ended, the minister asked for all the guests to wait for the bride and groom on the steps of the church. As the guests exited, they were given a handful of red rose petals. Within minutes, the Bride and Groom  were coming down the steps with beautiful rose petals as they were greeted by  virtually all of their  wedding guests.  According to the bride, this was one of her favorite moments of the day, and all the wedding guests were there to share in it together.  The couple was then  chauffeured  to their reception, even before their guests had walked to their car. 

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