"I love weddings! A wedding is full of energy and excitement. Emotions range from incredible joy to a sentimental sadness.        The wedding day is such an important day for photographs --  the carefully planned shots of relatives who have traveled miles to be there, as well as the the bridal attendants in their gowns that have been altered and refitted to perfection. It's also a time to capture the candid moments of the day -- a smile, an embrace, a tear." 

-- Wayne Pelts


Since 1987, Wayne Pelts has photographed weddings in the Bluefield, Princeton, Tazewell area (and far beyond). From the very elaborate, to the small and intimate.

If you choose him to be your exclusive photographer, he will work with you to give you the variety of poses and quality of work that have become characteristic of Wayne Pelts Wedding Photography.

After 37 years of teaching, Wayne has retired and taken the position of Assistant Director of the Academic Center for Excellence at Bluefield College.  He and his wife Beverly, have four children -- Jonathan  married in 2012, (a 2014 grad with  his M.B.A from the  University of Central Florida), Bethany  (married  in 2013-- and no, I was not the photographer,  living in Lookout Mountain, TN), David (a 2014 grad in  graphic design from  Marshall University) working in Baltimore, and Daniel (a 2016 Covenant College grad).  Wedding Photography, though a part-time vocation, has his full commitment to excellence and creativity -- preparing for you a photographic keepsake of one of the most important days of your life.

contact information --304.327.6220 or email whpelt@citlink.net  

FaceBook  page, Wayne Pelts Wedding Photography

Wayne, I would like to thank sincerely thank you for the incredible job you did on our wedding photos. You captured so many special moments throughout the day -- so many that I had recorded in my wedding journal . . . It's so wonderful how you brought those special moments and so many more to life through your photography.

Also, many of our guests and family have commented on your professionalism as a photographer -- you were there at every moment, but not as an interference (as many photographers seem to be). We didn't even know you were there, but the photographs proved you were present, attentive, and striving to find thet most picturesque and meaningful moments to help us, as you say, tell the story of our most special day.

We greatly appreciate the thought and condiseration that went into your photography, as well as your calmness, patience, and kindness, and I must mention the efficient manner in which you took the photographs.

-- Ann Leamon Hardeback

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